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About Me & EarnMore.co.za

Duane at Eden on the Bay, in Cape TownFirstly, I feel it necessary to introduce myself; before going into the details of how this website came about. My name is Duane and I am a 44-year old guy who lives in a regular sub-urban home in Cape Town, together with my with my girlfriend and our two Staffies. I am not a financial advisor or lifestyle coach or any other such professional. As such the advice given on this website is NOT to be regard as professional advice and I am not to be held responsible for your actions in response to the information shared throughout this website. Although I am not to be regarded as a professional, I have over the last few years gained extensive knowledge and have acquired various skills required to make money online.

My goal is to eventually stop working whilst earning a substantial Online Income. I have found methods that work and more that don’t work and my aim with the EarnMore.co.za website is to share my knowledge with you. This website is setup to be a helpful resource for you and several of the techniques I share have been implemented within this website.

This website is therefore a LIVE EXAMPLE of an income generating website built around the various techniques discussed…

My Company

Futurity Web - Web-Hosting, Web-Design & SEOIn January 2010 I started my own Web Hosting Business called Futurity Web Services (better known as Futurity Web). This business came about purely from the skills I gained whilst learning about earning a passive income online. Initially it comprised only Web-Hosting Services, but has since diversified into providing Web-Design and Search Engine Optimisation too. Another aspect of the business is Computer Sales and Support, which is based on previous skills acquired earlier in life, but all business is acquired via online methods. The bulk of income earned by Futurity Web (or Me), is from Online Income and/or by providing Internet Services.

To diversify further, I (Futurity Web) can also assist you in getting your first website up and running. Although I do cover, in great depth, what is required for you to setup you first website, I am also available to do this on your behalf. Futurity Web will assist with choosing a niche, we will register a domain on your behalf and provide/setup the necessary web hosting services required. This also includes setting up WordPress and all the essential plugins to get you started online.
Priced from R1500.

Please Contact Me for more info!

More about Me – I am a self-proclaimed ‘Jack of All Trades’ & “Master of Some” (I intend sharing some of my life history below)

As mentioned on the home page – please be patient while I port the information from the old website into this WordPress Blog. I am also currently updating old and outdated information, so the porting of content is taking longer than expected to prepare, since I am also busy helping my clients with usual day-to-day business (building their Websites & doing their SEO)




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