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New Blog Posts are Coming Soon!


The EarnMore.co.za Blog section will kick into action once all the other pages have been added to the Website. My first priority is to finish the ‘How to Start a Blog Checklist‘, which is taking longer than expected. The fact that my girlfriend is still on leave and expecting attention is adding to these time delays, for which I apologies. Nonetheless, it is all systems go as of the 19th January and as such, I trust the checklist will be completed by the end of the Month (at latest).

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HostGator’s Cyber Monday Sale

After Black Friday comes the Cyber Monday Sale

50% off all Web-Hosting Plans – 28 November 2011



Following the success of the Black Friday Sale, HostGator.com is running a follow-up Cyber Monday Sale. The Cyber Monday Sale started at 08h00 (GMT+2) this morning (28th Nov 2011) and is available until 07h59 (GMT+2) tomorrow morning (29th Nov 2011). Essentially for another 24-hour period you can get any Hosting Plan from HostGator.com at a whopping 50% discount.

I once again reiterate that this is a fantastic opportunity especially for those of you who want to Make Money Online Hosting Websites. Imagine the possibility of being able to get your Reseller Hosting Account for 50% off for a two year period! This means that for two years you will have a competitive advantage over other Web Hosting Resellers.

Take advange of the Cyber Monday Sale and make some money!


Hostgator Black Friday Sale

HostGator.com’s Black Friday Deal is back!

50% off all Web-Hosting Plans – 25 November 2011

It’s official; the biggest single Web-Hosting Special offer is available today only. Whether you need Web Hosting for your personal website or blog or if you want to become a Web Hosting Reseller (i.e. Start-up a Web Hosting Business), today is the day. Take advantage of the HostGator Black Friday Sale – it lasts for 24-hours only (GMT-6 or Central Standard Time). Even if you are an existing HostGator client, you can benefit from this sale, provided you keep your original, existing account open and valid.

For those of you who followed or visited my old Static Website, you will know that this is how I started my Internet Services Business. Yes, Futurity Web came about due to my signing up for a 2-year Reseller Hosting Agreement on a Black Friday Sale, similar to this one.

Locally, in South African the sale time started at 08h00 this morning and is available until 07h59 tomorrow morning. So, if you do nothing else today, do this: CLICK HERE >>>



Welcome to EarnMore

Welcome to the EarnMore.co.za Blog

By hook or by crook or by searching the Internet, you have found my website/blog on ‘how to make money online‘. With any luck and with a lot of effort on my side, I am hoping you found this Welcome Message / Post by searching Google and/or one of the other Search Engines. If so; it proves that my Search Engine Optimisation techniques are working… If you found this post by any other means, please feel free to share this with me below (comments section).

Essentially this website/blog has been developed as a means to help you study how to earn more money.

You should read this Blog if…

  1. You want to learn how to earn money online
  2. You want to build a Website
  3. You need traffic for your website
  4. and a whole lot more

EarnMore.co.za has been setup to share information primarily about making money online, however, to do this, one needs to have a weath of knowledge to succeed. I have spent 3-years researching and testing methods to earn money online and to this day, I am still learning and improving my skills… Read more about me here!

The How to earn more tutorials to be presented on this website include those topics listed below:

  1. Using WordPress
  2. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  3. Creating Digital Products
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. Network Marketing
  6. Selling Physical Products
  7. Online Auctioning
  8. Online Forex Trading
  9. Selling Advertising Space
  10. Flipping Websites
  11. and a whole bunch more…

Again, welcome to my website and I trust that you will enjoy using EarnMore.co.za

Please feel free to comment below (all posts are moderated prior to them appearing on the page)