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Introduction to JVZoo Web Hosting

JVZoo Hosting – Web Hosting for Affiliates

This morning I logged in to my JVZoo Account and saw a notification about a new Web Hosting Service called JVZoo Hosting. For those of you not familiar with JVZoo; it is an Online Market Place used by Digital Product Vendors to sell their products using Affiliate Marketing (referral marketing). JVZoo is one of the biggest and most well know Affiliate Networks on the Internet.

According to JVZoo the move into the Web Hosting Space was driven by client need. That is; their existing and ever growing client base needs Web Hosting. Fact is anyone getting involved with an Online Business venture needs Web Hosting and this is the very same reason why my very own business provides Web Hosting for my personal clients – They NEED it!. Now, having said that…

You may be wondering; why am I promoting JVZoo Hosting?
Quite simply put; it’s a good offering

JVZoo Web Hosting offers

From the home page one gets to see the 4 primary Shared-Hosting Plans on offer. There are cheaper web-hosting solutions out there. There are other Web Hosting Companies that offer better deals and/or features, but what appeals to me with JVZoo is the fact that they ‘claim’ to provide “fast & easy individual file rollback abilities.” Many Web Hosts, myself included, offer Backups; but in most cases we cannot provide individual file rollbacks. If you have any issues with your website, it can be restored quickly and that is worth you paying a little more.

Shared Web Hosting Plans from JVZoo

Scalable Web Hosting

JVZoo’s Web-Hosting is ‘infinitely’ scalable and can grow as your company or online business grows. You can start with basic Shared-Hosting Plans and can scale up (or down) as needed. Choices also include Virtual Servers (VPS) and Dedicated Servers to meet growing demand.

EarnMore :-) by referring clients to JVZoo Hosting

Here is another thing; that will appeal to those of you involved with or only getting started with online marketing. JVZoo Hosting is offering 30% per month referral commission to affiliates that refer clients to their Web Hosting Service for the duration of that referees contract. In other words; If you refer someone to JVZoo’s Web Hosting you get 30% commission paid monthly for as long as the client you referred stays a JVZoo Hosting customer.

Again; I mention that I provide Web Hosting Services myself, but providing this service myself comes with it’s fair share of work and support issues. By referring clients to JVZoo Hosting I can make the commission and while it is less than I would earn by Hosting the clients myself; there’s no support hassles to deal with. JVZoo also provides the industry standard cPanel Control Panel & Supports WordPress so it’s a ‘no brainer‘ for me to recommend them.

JVZoo offering Affordable, Scalable Web HostingSIGN UP FOR JVZooHOST
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Note: I haven’t used this service myself, so I do not vouch for them. All I can say is that JVZoo hasn’t become the top affiliate network for nothing. They know what they are doing :-)