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An introduction to making more money online…

This website/blog has been setup to share with you, methods to earn more money using the Internet. Before we begin, you may want to know who you are dealing with and how it came about that I created this blog. If so, please see the About Me Page!

Welcome to EarnMore.co.za, where I sharing with you the various methods I know of to make money online. The information on ‘how to make money online‘ found within this website/blog is from information I have found whilst researching this topic and techniques I have personally implemented over the years. I hope to provide you with good solid information on methods to earn an extra income from online activities and to share with you the various skills you may require or acquire along the way. I will also share one/two methods I use to ‘make money offline‘ too!

A huge amount of the information I share is based on my own experiences over the last few years and what I have personally put to use to successfully earn money online. Like everything in life, some things work for some people and not for others, so to keep things exciting and to expose you to all the various methods I am aware of, I will cover as many topics as possible. Some will be easy and free to implement, whilst others may require patience, training and money to implement.

The techniques and advice given to help you earn more money are all legitimate and they all work, provided you implement what you are taught. I am still on the path towards financial success (Read my Story), but I have seen my efforts and the results thereof increase over the years. My current annual income from my online ventures is now in excess of R30’000 per year and growing. Note: this is money I earn from my Online Ventures Only!

The best way to look at your online venture is to see it as a business. A business where you are the boss and where you set your own working times. Like anything in life it may take time and considerable effort and a little start-up capital. You can get started with absolutely no capital, but having/allocating a little will definitely help. You can do this part-time to begin with and over time it could become your preferred method or only method of earning an income.

To earn money online requires time & dedication. It requires some studying and some trial & error, but it will all come together, if you implement what you learn correctly. Make use of the resources made available and don’t simply buy into every money-making scheme, software package or training course you stumble upon. Throughout this website/blog I refer to various products, tools, training courses and the like, but it is up to you whether you want to purchase these or not. My recommendation does not necessarily mean that I make use of the product personally. Where such products are personally used by me, I will make mention of this fact.

I will attempt to keep the content simple and easy to follow, but I do cover a lot of technical aspects in order to help you get your own money making website/blog up & running, using recommended tools and/or techniques. I endeavor to update the blog with new information as regularly as possible and welcome your comments. Please sign-up for the RSS Feeds to ensure you don’t miss any new blog posts…

One more thing: To Earn Money Online requires patience. It can be very frustrating for some, whilst others will stumble onto something that works almost immediately. Its trial and error and as mentioned – Patience & perseverance!

Read my checklist to begin the process to earn money online

Earnings Disclaimer: I do not profess to be a financial professional or any other form of money making or self-help professional. The purpose of this website is purely to portray the methods I am currently using to earn money online and others I am familiar with and may or may not be using. Should you require sound financial advice, please seek such from a certified professional. I am NOT responsible for your increase and/or decrease in financial wealth due to the content displayed on this website. I work from home offering various Internet & IT Services and make extra income from affiliate marketing and other online techniques. In sharing these resources with you, I also get paid commission by some parties. No Guarantees are given on earning potential!


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