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IM Traffic Facebook Masters Launches 12-June 2016 - This is an Evergreen Product from Kevin Fahey

Free Affiliate Marketing Training

Learn the ABC’s of Affiliate Marketing

My friend and Mentor, Kevin Fahey is Launching IM Affiliate Funnel on the 26th August. This is an evergreen product that will teach you the correct way to do affiliate marketing. Kevin’s ABC method teaches you how to choose the right affiliate marketing product and then how to setup the promotion for ultimate success and long-term commissions.

Ken Fahey's Free Affiliate Marketing Training

Get FREE Affiliate Marketing Training; click image

I have been fortunate enough to get review access to the product prior to it’s launch and let me tell you it is worth every penny. The fact that it will cost only $700-$9.95 (dimesale) for the front-end PDF come launch day makes this a no-brainer (there is a 30-day refund guarantee, which I doubt you’ll need).

I have, in the past, had little success with Affiliate Marketing myself. Yes, I’ve made the odd sale here and there and get a few dollars in Affiliate Commissions from time to time, but after going through some of Kevin’s Training, I realise I’ve been doing it the wrong way. Believe me this FREE Training will open your eyes to a whole new approach to affiliate marketing and from there you can decide whether to buy the product or not.

Using Kevin’s Method you will learn:

  1. How to find a suitable product to Promote
  2. How to use PLR Products as Give Away as Bonus’
  3. Why you should re-direct buys to your Optin Page
  4. And the importance of your Auto-Responder Sequence

After that, you are show why/how to use a bonus page and after all that how to drive quality traffic to your optin-page using both FREE and PAID Methods.

If you REALLY want to get ahead with Affiliate Marketing, I firmly believe IM Affiliate Funnel is the product you need to buy. That being said…

The Cons: While Marketed at both newbies and seasoned marketers, IM Affiliate Funnel falls short when it comes to helping newbies get setup. The marketing methods taught are excellent, but if you don’t know how to setup a blog or a facebook page etc this could be a little overwhelming. Don’t let that discourage you though. There is enough information out there to help you get over these hurdles.

The Pros: With IM Affiliate Funnel, you will learn how to choose a suitable Affiliate Product no matter which Niche you are in. Then you are taught how to promote it the correct way, which will also help you build YOUR List and YOUR Reputation at the same time. Simply posting affiliate links to product sales pages may make you a few sales, but it doesn’t build your list or reputation. Kevin’s method does all this and more… Look out for another JVZOO Best Seller (That’s all I have to say).


A last Word: Before you ask… YES, there is a Sales Funnel (sequence of offers). The Front-End is a PDF Document with complimentary Video Training. The First OTO (one-time-offer), includes some DFY (done-for-you) Templates to help you get ahead quickly, but are only helpful if you have OptimizePress (WordPress Theme). If you don’t have OptimizePress and have no intention of buying it, don’t buy this OTO (or the downsell). The OTO’s that follow are Kevin’s IMVIP Training Membership site and his Group Coaching. If you can afford either/both, these are highly recommended (I mentioned Kevin was my Mentor at the beginning of this post and this is due to my being a Group Coaching student).



Page Designer Launching Soon

WIN Lifetime access to PageDesigner.

A fellow marketer & product developer ‘Martin Crumlish’ is launching a NEW Product called PageDesigner within the next few days. This tool is an Online Page Builder used to create top class, effective Marketing and Sales Pages for your website/blog. During the pre-launch, Martin is offering ‘YOU‘ the opportunity to WIN lifetime access to PageDesigner.

Create Stunning Marketing Pages in Minutes with PageDesigner!

Click here to Win PageDesigner Lifetime AccountWIn a copy of PageDesigner - Lifetime Access

Being a SaaS Product, PageDesigner allows you to create ‘Guru’ style Sales Pages that can easily be embedded on any website, whether it be HTML, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or any other Web Platform. Needless to say; I cannot vouch for the product yet as it hasn’t been launched, BUT… I do already own one of Martin’s other ‘complimentary’ products called ‘Optin Designer’ and if ‘Page Designer’ is anything like the other product, It’s a sure WINNER…

And now you can be a Winner too…

Click here to Win PageDesigner Lifetime AccountThere's nothing to loose by entering and everything to gain...

Introduction to JVZoo Web Hosting

Introduction to JVZoo Web Hosting

JVZoo Hosting – Web Hosting for Affiliates

This morning I logged in to my JVZoo Account and saw a notification about a new Web Hosting Service called JVZoo Hosting. For those of you not familiar with JVZoo; it is an Online Market Place used by Digital Product Vendors to sell their products using Affiliate Marketing (referral marketing). JVZoo is one of the biggest and most well know Affiliate Networks on the Internet.

According to JVZoo the move into the Web Hosting Space was driven by client need. That is; their existing and ever growing client base needs Web Hosting. Fact is anyone getting involved with an Online Business venture needs Web Hosting and this is the very same reason why my very own business provides Web Hosting for my personal clients – They NEED it!. Now, having said that…

You may be wondering; why am I promoting JVZoo Hosting?
Quite simply put; it’s a good offering

JVZoo Web Hosting offers

From the home page one gets to see the 4 primary Shared-Hosting Plans on offer. There are cheaper web-hosting solutions out there. There are other Web Hosting Companies that offer better deals and/or features, but what appeals to me with JVZoo is the fact that they ‘claim’ to provide “fast & easy individual file rollback abilities.” Many Web Hosts, myself included, offer Backups; but in most cases we cannot provide individual file rollbacks. If you have any issues with your website, it can be restored quickly and that is worth you paying a little more.

Shared Web Hosting Plans from JVZoo

Scalable Web Hosting

JVZoo’s Web-Hosting is ‘infinitely’ scalable and can grow as your company or online business grows. You can start with basic Shared-Hosting Plans and can scale up (or down) as needed. Choices also include Virtual Servers (VPS) and Dedicated Servers to meet growing demand.

EarnMore :-) by referring clients to JVZoo Hosting

Here is another thing; that will appeal to those of you involved with or only getting started with online marketing. JVZoo Hosting is offering 30% per month referral commission to affiliates that refer clients to their Web Hosting Service for the duration of that referees contract. In other words; If you refer someone to JVZoo’s Web Hosting you get 30% commission paid monthly for as long as the client you referred stays a JVZoo Hosting customer.

Again; I mention that I provide Web Hosting Services myself, but providing this service myself comes with it’s fair share of work and support issues. By referring clients to JVZoo Hosting I can make the commission and while it is less than I would earn by Hosting the clients myself; there’s no support hassles to deal with. JVZoo also provides the industry standard cPanel Control Panel & Supports WordPress so it’s a ‘no brainer‘ for me to recommend them.

JVZoo offering Affordable, Scalable Web HostingSIGN UP FOR JVZooHOST
Click Here >>>

Note: I haven’t used this service myself, so I do not vouch for them. All I can say is that JVZoo hasn’t become the top affiliate network for nothing. They know what they are doing :-)


WordPress Security Hero

Secure your WordPress Website

wp-security-heroWordPress Security Hero is a new WordPress plugin (as of 6th April 2015) that can be used to improve your website’s security.  It offers protection on three major levels, being; Malware, Security and Backup/Restore ability. WP Security Hero was launched yesterday and if you read this before midnight 8th April 2015 you can still get it at the pre-launch price of approximately $17-$18. If you miss the pre-launch, I’m afraid you will pay in the region of $97.

I’m not going to go into the very technical aspects of it, as time is short and I need to get this post out there, so YOU can get access to this amazing tool before the pre-launch ends. From a non-techie point of view it does the following:

  1. Daily Automated backups – Created backup files which are saved to your Hosting Account.
    (If you use Shared-Hosting you will have to download these backup files later)
  2. Malware Scanner – finds and safely fixes ‘malware’.
  3. One-Click setup of 5x important security measures.
  4. Easy non-techie backup restore process.

WP Security Pro

This is a JVZOO product in pre-launch from a very reliable vendor. I haven’t tested the plugin myself but will probably buy the Whitelabel rights offered in one of the upsells. For now, the product is priced at $17 on a dime-sale, meaning the price goes up with every sale (last I checked, it was at $17.96).

The plugin has the ability to do WordPress Migrations from one domain to another (including localhost), but this is sold as an after purchase upsell or OTO (one-time-offer) for $47. A second upsell (OTO-2) is Whitelabel rights for the plugin, which is an awesome offer, even at $197 – You get to own the plugin as your own product!

Check it out at: http://tinyurl.com/lgs8hd7

Why I’m promoting this product: Quite simply because there isn’t another plugin out there that offers all these basic security and backup essentials at this ridiculously low price. Furthermore, this is a one-time price and not a monthly recurring fee, like most other solutions. Backup Buddy, is probably the most well known of all the backup & restore tools, but this only offers Backup and restore functionality. It doesn’t offer Malware Scanning & repair, nor does it offer Security Config options. See image below…

See how WP Security Hero compares with Backup Buddy

Get WP Security Pro – Click Here!

UPDATE: The launch period for WP Security Pro is over; this plugin now sells for a recurring fee of $97 per year. A monthly payment option is also available. Do I still recommend it? YES

Disclaimer: People, I am a JVZOO affiliate and I will get commission from the seller for recommending this product, if you buy via my link. I do not believe in bribing you with xxx amount of dollars worth of crappy PLR products as a bonus. If you want a simple and cheap solution to your WordPress Security woes, WP Security Hero is it…

Increase your Web Traffic

Get more web traffic by giving Google what they want

Get more web traffic with SEOOne thing that has remained consistent in all the time that I have been an Internet Marketer is Web Traffic. Without it, your business is dead. That being said; to be a success online you need to increase your web traffic.

And, to learn how, I am going to introduce you to an SEO Training Product called SEO Enigma Reloaded. This SEO Training course only launches on June 30th, but if you sign-up before the launch you get access to some great FREE pre-launch training:


Before I tell you more about SEO Enigma Reloaded, I want you to know; I purchased a copy of this course.  I contacted the product owners and arranged to get a pre-launch copy of this SEO Training Course. I am recommending this product because I have been through it and feel my readers could benefit from it. Many of my followers/subscribers are battling to increasing their web traffic and here is a product that can teach SEO Newbies how to improve their website rankings and traffic.

I taught myself SEO, back in 2009 and while most of my websites still rank relatively well in Google using these old techniques; I too needed to do an SEO Refresher Course and believe it or not, but I purchased 3x different courses to help me update my SEO skills with the latest SEO Techniques.

I recommend SEO Engima Reloaded;

  • for anyone wanting to learn SEO from the ground up
  • for anyone, like myself, who needs to improve their SEO Skillset
  • for anyone who want to optimise their WordPress Websites for SEO
  • for anyone who wants to learn how to use Social Media to build web traffic

If you are already well seasoned in SEO, or an SEO professional, the base product (front-end product) may not be of benefit to you, but you might still be able to learn a thing or two from one of the upgrade offers, that comprises a SEO Master Class & Elite Coaching (more on the sales funnel below).

About SEO Enigma Reloaded

The SEO Enigma Reloaded front-end is a no holds barred 200+ page PDF with extensive video training containing cutting edge SEO strategies. This provides awesome value for the beginner allowing you to go from SEO Newbie to SEO expert.

The product has been updated for 2014 to reflect the ongoing changes in the world of SEO and includes 3 new modules (This is the re-launch of; SEO Enigma, which was a JVZOO Best Seller previously)

SEO Enigma Reloaded is a comprehensive, fully fledged SEO education, aimed at delivering masses of long term targeted organic traffic. Backed up with supporting screenshots and images, the PDF is an SEO Bible for those looking to learn the secrets of driving targeted web traffic.

It covers every important aspect of SEO and is complimented with action guides on ‘how to create lead generating websites‘. The PDF and video course is split into 10 modules as follows:

  1. Introduction **Checked & Verified 2014 Friendly**
  2. Keywords and Competition Research **Checked & Verified 2014 Friendly**
  3. Structuring Your Site To Dominate The Search Engines **Checked & Verified 2014 Friendly**
  4. Utilising WordPress To Gain An Unfair Advantage **Checked & Verified 2014 Friendly**
  5. Onsite & Offsite Optimisation **Checked & Verified 2014 Friendly**
  6. Social Signals (powerful stuff) **Checked & Verified 2014 Friendly**
  7. Google After Penguin **Checked & Verified 2014 Friendly**
  8. Mobile SEO (an untouched playground) **Checked & Verified 2014 Friendly**
  9. Google Places and Local SEO **Checked & Verified 2014 Friendly**
  10. Testing, Tracking & Analytics **Checked & Verified 2014 Friendly**
  11. **New Module** – Google Updates and How To Beat Them
  12. **New Module** – Creating Quality Content
  13. **New Module** – Link-building for 2014 and beyond
  14. And Much Much More…


The SEO Enigma Reloaded Offer (Sales Funnel)

  • Main SEO Course @ $27-$37 (dimesale)
    – Comprising the PDF and Video Training mentioned above
  • Downsell #1 – Main Product downsell @ $9.95
    – All the PDF Manuals for main product only (no video)
  • Upsell #1 – Ranking Case Study @ $27
    –  3 video case study, demonstrating how to rank for a keyword on Google in approx. 48hrs
  • Upsell #2 – Group Coaching & Masterclasses @ $47 Monthly (or $197 Lifetime)
    – delivered via a VIP Skype, Facebook Group offering ongoing SEO Training
  • Downsell #2 – 7-day Masterclass Trial @ $1 (then $47 Monthly)

My Conclusion: Based on what my readers/followers ask me about increasing web traffic, I would recommend SEO Enigma Reloaded. What you will learn from the main product alone should help you increase your websites traffic over time. If you do your Search Engine Optimisation correctly, using the methods taught, this will help drive traffic for years to come.

If money is tight; sign-up to get the FREE Pre-launch Training in the mean time.
at launch consider buying the $9.95 downsell #1 offer (the PDF Manual).


Remember, once you have the knowledge, nobody can take it away from you…

Note: This page contains affiliate links for which I earn commission!

Simple $100 a Day System

Automated Daily Passive Income

Rod Moore's Simple $100 a Day SystemMy ‘Simple $100 Dollar a Day System‘ Product Review…

I have to-date, not been one to write product reviews on this blog since in most instances with most other ‘Make Money Online Niche Blogs’, the reviews are written with one purpose in mind; and that is to make the reviewer money.

So, in keeping with my total transparency philosophy, I will tell you upfront, that this is a truthful review of Rod Moore’s ‘Simple $100 Dollar a Day System‘ based on the fact that I bought this product myself for my personal use. What I am about to share with you are indeed the facts, and YES, I too hope to earn more money from both this review and from using the ‘Simple $100 Dollar a Day System‘.

Product Overview:

The ‘Simple $100 Dollar a Day System‘ is, on the front-end an e-Book Info Product sharing Rod Moore’s system on how to setup a Squeeze Page to build you own e-mail list, all whilst promoting an affiliate product. Many ‘newbie’ marketers try their hand at Affiliate Marketing when they start online, but most (if not all) market the affiliate product directly without funneling their leads into their own list first. By doing this, you may get the odd sale and some commission, but that buyer has been lost to the product vendor. They are NOT in YOUR list (This is probably your single biggest mistake).

With Rod Moore’s System, you will learn how to setup your system, in such a way, that you build your own e-mail list while promoting affiliate products. As you have probably heard… The Money is in the List (how cliche, but true).

The Nut’s & Bolts:

The ‘Simple $100 Dollar a Day System‘ as mentioned is an e-book on the front-end. I say on the front-end because once you have bought the e-Book (which currently sells for $17), you are offered several OTO’s (One Time Offers) and the usual up-sells and down-sells, these product vendors love. This comprises:

  1. The ‘Simple $100 Dollar a Day System‘ e-Book @ $17
  2. OTO-1 Video Course Upgrade + Bonus Material @ $27
  3. OTO-2 Six Figure Profits Upgrade (Advanced Video Course) @ $47
  4. OTO-3 Rod Moore’s Inner Circle Membership @ $27 (p/month) – with downgrade option (profit report)
  5. There is also a $1 Trial Down-Sell to test the System (OTO-1)

Rod Moore's Simple $100 a Day System teaches the basics required to Earn $100+

Now that you know what is available, and how the behind the scene’s marketing funnel works…
here is my recommendation and what you should do, if interested…

    The e-mail signup is to one of my lists sharing more information about this course…
  2. Buy the e-Book front-end product ($17). While this e-Book does a good job of explaining the steps, required to build Rod’s $100 System, most newbies won’t be able to implement what it teaches – You will need more (see point-3 below). More experience marketers will find it an easy read and may even be amazed at how simple it is to setup this system.
  3. Buy the OTO-1 Upgrade ($27). The Video Course goes into more detail than the book and really helps you get a better understanding of how to work this system. However, it’s the BONUS material offered with this upgrade that you want/need. The Bonus Material here provides you with all the tools necessary to setup your $100 a Day System.

That’s it: Buy the e-Book and Buy the first OTO (Video Training Upgrade + Bonus Material).
Total Cost $44 (approx. R450, at the time of publication of this post.)

$44 is nothing to pay for a system that can generate $100 a day and more…

As for the rest, even though they are promoted as One-Time-Offers, all are available as upgrades from within the Membership Area, once you have access to the system. When you are making some money using the ‘Simple $100 Dollar a Day System‘, then buy into the next offers (advanced training, inner-circle etc…).

What the training covers:

  • The Fastest Way To Drive Traffic
  • Creating Squeeze Pages That Convert At 82.9% Plus
  • Building A Large Responsive eMail List Like The Pros
  • Monetizing The List For Maximum Profits & Daily Cash Deposits
  • Finding And Promoting Affiliate Offers With Best Chance Of Making You Money
  • Scaling Up To Advanced Online Marketing
  • Step By Step Easy To Follow System
  • Access To 100% Commissions
  • Plus Much More …


With the purchase of both the e-book and the first OTO Upgrade, you can essentially setup your own passive income business. It will take time and practice, but it’s very possible that you will succeed. To top it off, you will have also built a decent mailing list along the way, which you can use time and time again to promote other products for extra income.


The e-Book on it’s own isn’t ideal for Newbies. Those that are more technically minded could get by with just the e-Book, but most newbies will need the Video Training Upgrade + Bonus Tools. Another fact that might come into play, is that the training leads you to buy traffic to build your list. Whilst this is good advice, most newbies can’t afford traffic and they are kind of left out in the dark when it comes to getting quality Traffic from Free Sources *. This is NOT a deal breaker as there are hundreds of tutorials out there dealing with FREE Traffic (it will simply take longer to build your list).


The Automated Passive Income System taught in this training isn’t all that ‘passive’ to begin with. It will take time and effort to build your list using the methods taught, but this is one of the most concise and to-the-point training programmes I have bought and used. I highly recommended the ‘Simple $100 Dollar a Day System‘.

Note: Whilst this is an honest review of Rod Moore’s ‘Simple $100 Dollar a Day System‘, a system I am currently using & testing, please be aware that this post contains my affiliate links and should you purchase via my link, I will receive a commission.

* Traffic from FREE Sources: If you need help getting FREE Traffic to your website/blog, then feel free to comment below and I may write an article on this at a later date. As mentioned, there are numerous tutorials & courses out there teaching about website traffic. If you’ve got $4.95 to spare, get John Thornhill’s Simple Traffic Solutions


Website Redesign Coming

Website Redesign / Revamp is coming!

A long awaited Website Revamp is being planned for EarnMore.co.za!

Before I tell you what is planned for the website redesign, let me share a little history about this Website, with you.

When I initially launched EarnMore.co.za it was designed as a small Static HTML site with the main purpose of making me some money via Google Adsense. The original HTML Website then became a ‘project site'; one I used to teach myself the intricacies of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Whilst doing the SEO, I heard about WordPress and it’s SEO benefits, so I opted to redesign the website using WordPress. I knew nothing about WordPress, but ‘took the leap‘ and ended up in a heap of trouble. I opted for the first FREE WordPress Theme I could find, that wasn’t in the WordPress Repository (i.e. a theme that wasn’t used by too many people). Using this Theme (WP Premium), I redesigned the website creating pages of content based on the few topics I knew and the skills I’d learned along the way!

I knew no different, so I revamped this website in a completely live environment, adding pages and content all of which were immediately viewable by website visitors as they were being created. The knowledge I’d gained in SEO was applied and it wasn’t long and my website traffic started increasing. The traffic increased and the site wasn’t ready!

What happened next took me by surprise! My incomplete website ranked on Page-1 of Google for terms related to making money online. Whilst I was targeting these keywords, by no means did I expect to rank so quickly. What was more remarkable, was the number of people that contacted me about Web Hosting and Web-Design. Due to this, my Web Hosting Reseller business (Futurity Web Services) took off prematurely and my time to focus on EarnMore.co.za diminished. Subsequently, I have also become a Stay-At-Home-Dad and with the combined responsibility of looking after my daughter (who is now 6-months old) and running my web-hosting business, I haven’t had the time to  focus on EarnMore.co.za, let alone finish the site.

It’s all about to change with the upcoming website redesign

I’m sure you all agree, the current website doesn’t look good, links are broken and the content is incomplete. Well, with the upcoming website revamp, I’m looking to fix all that. I still don’t know where I’m going to find the time, but I have decided it has to be done. So, whilst it may take time to complete – The website revamp is going to happen!

Since I knew nothing about WordPress when I built this site, as you see it today, I am probably going to start afresh. Some of the content will stay, all while being updated and incomplete content will be completed. I have plans to include a members only area and to share all the new methods I use to ‘make money online’, as well as other methods that may appeal to you. Furthermore, I intend doing some product reviews, which due to my lack of experience at the time, I avoided. Whilst I have always wanted to do product reviews, I was not prepared to write reviews based on other reviews I had read. For me, the only way to do a review is to buy the product myself, use it, then review it!

So; with all that said and done, the only thing left to decide upon before the website revamp is which theme to use. Since I am going to stick to my original goal of earning via Google AdSense (or other similar Ad Networks) the choice of which theme to use for the website redesign is: Joel Comm & Dan Nickerson’s Socrates Theme.

An alternative to Socrates Theme, in my opinion is CTR Theme, but I’ve opted for Socrates Theme since I already own a Developers License for this theme. I mentioned both these themes here because both of them are highly optimised for Google AdSense and affiliate marketing websites. This means they are both suitable for those of you who want to follow in my footsteps and build (or rebuild) a Google Adsense or Affiliate Income generating website.

With that being said; expect to see changes occurring on EarnMore.co.za (I can’t say when, but it is going to happen!)

Disclaimer: Some links in this post are affiliate links and I may earn a commission should you purchase any items!


Get Paid to Login

Simple: Get Paid to Login once a day!

paid to login

PaidtoLogin.com: offers you the opportunity to MAKE MONEY and to get FREE ADVERTISING in the form of a Banner Advert linking to any website/programme you are promoting. This could be a banner to your own website or to that of any other website you wish to advertise.

All you have to do to make money is Login Daily!

Whilst the unique opportunity exists to make money daily, just by logging in, the real benefits of PaidtoLogin.com come from the 10-level referral system, where you will earn 10% from everyone you refer via your referral link. Furthermore, PaidtoLogin.com allows you to place 1x 468×60 banner within their system FREE of Charge and this banner can be used to recruit members of PaidtoLogin.com to join your other programmes or to promote (send traffic to) your own website.

  • Get Paid simply to login
  • Get Paid on 10x Levels
  • Get Free Advertising
  • Buy additional Advertising (optional)

The real money is made by referring active members and the 10% commission on the 10x levels. If you want to go it alone, then by all means, you can, but you only get paid $0.001 per login. which is more or less the same as you would get paid from any Paid-To-Click Site (for viewing ads).

>> JOIN NOW <<

PaidtoLogin.com – Earnings Calculator!

  1. Insert a number in the refer __ People field and press enter to see the projected earnings.
  2. Feel free to alter the __ days per month too. You will be astonished at what is possible!

How much can you earn if you refer people and your referrals do the same and each one logins days per month ?
You earn $ monthly.

* NOTE: In order to earn the projected income indicated, your referrals need to be active!
i.e. They must be logging in every day & they must recruit other members that are active too…

>> JOIN NOW <<

paid to login

Disclaimer: OK, people, at this stage, I must advise you that I myself have only just joined PaidtoLogin.com. Whilst I have been in direct contact with the owner and he has responded to my inquiries quickly and positively, only time will tell as to whether this is viable in the long term. I believe it is, otherwise I wouldn’t be promoting it, but there is no guarantee! At the end of the day, you have nothing to loose but a mere few seconds of your day and everything to gain if you can get your referral numbers up with ‘active members’…

Shared Hosting Discount

HostGator: 40% Off Sale!

HostGator Web HostingHostGator is offering 40% off on all of shared hosting plans, starting today (29 Aug) on both Linux and Windows shared hosting platforms. Valid for New HostGator Customers only; this discount will apply to the first invoice on your new hosting account. Renewals are at the normal, non discounted rate.

The coupon code for 40% off is: 40off

Click Here!

We endorse and encourage users to make use of HostGator’s Shared Hosting Platforms since we ourselves use HostGator to provide our reseller web hosting plans to our clients. If you are looking for a reliable web hosting company for your personal or business website we recommend HostGator since we use their services ourselves…

Get 40% Off Here >>>

This promotion will last until 11:59 PM CST Friday, August 31st 2012.

New Domain Indexed

How I got my new domain indexed in 3-hours

I took this domain from nothing to indexed in 3-hoursYes, I am fully aware that there are hundreds, if not thousands of articles and blogs telling one how to get a new domain indexed fast. In most cases the actual procedures given would take the better part of 24-hours itself, since most require that you have a fully functional website uploaded too. So, since I was in the process of setting up a new domain for a new project of my own, I decided it would be a challenge to see how quickly I could get the domain indexed by Google without building an entire website first.

Basically, I purchased a new domain name, installed WordPress & a basic one-page WP-Theme. Then, I added some relevant content to the Theme (Single Home Page) and then submitted the theme as discussed below. All in all, the ENTIRE process took 3-Hours, not just the indexing!

This is the basis of what I am about to tell you:

[Icon List]

  • Go from registering a new domain
  • Installing WordPress with Theme Optimised
  • Ready and Indexed in Google
  • All in Under 3-Hours

[/Icon List]

A few assumptions before the domain indexing process begins:

For this project I already had the following tools available and I would assume you already use these too. If you are a complete ‘newbie’ and don’t have these tools (particularly the FREE Google, Bing & Alexa tools), then sign-up with haste! I have included links to all the tools where I deemed necessary (FYI – some are affiliate links, whilst others are not).

New domain indexing – Tools required:

  1. Domain Registrar Account (NameCheap.com or eNomCentral.com)
  2. Web-Hosting Account (HostGator.com)
  3. Google Analytics Account
  4. Google WebMaster Tools Account
  5. An Alexa.com Account
  6. Bing WebMaster Tools Account
  7. FTP Programme to transfer files (eg. FileZilla)

[Note] This Article is NOT here to show you how to Register a Domain or How to Setup a Web-Hosting Account. It is also not a tutorial on How to use the Google Tools or any of the other tools mentioned. This is purely an Article informing you; how I got my new domain indexed in Google in Under 3-Hours. It’s a simple and quick process you can copy! [/Note]

Steps used to get a new domain indexed in >3-Hours

  1. Register your new domain: Since I already have both a NameCheap.com and an eNomCentral.com account, I opted to buy my domain from eNomCentral.com. Reason being: eNom is owned by Google
    Note: My default NameServers are pre-configured within my eNomCentral.com Account
  2. Set-up a Web-Hosting Account: The moment I’d finalised the purchase of the domain, I went into my HostGator.com Reseller Account and created the Web-Hosting Account for the new domain.
    Note: In hindsight, maybe I should have done this first (not sure if it would have made any impact)
  3. Installing WordPress: Once the Web-Hosting Account was set-up, I logged into cPanel and Installed WordPress using the Fantastico Application. Whilst logged into cPanel, I also setup a domain specific e-mail address (eg. myname@domainname.com)
  4. Setup your FTP Application: While still logged into cPanel, setup additional FTP Accounts if necessary and disable anonymous FTP Settings if you wish. From here; open your FTP Programme and set-up the FTP credentials for your new domain (you’ll need this later).

Up to this point, time spent: approx. 15-Minutes

  1. Configure WordPress & Theme: At this point, I logged into the WordPress Dashboard and uploaded the temporary theme I use for most of my new websites: this is the “Coming Soon Theme” (FREE Theme) from Templatic.com. After this, I quickly ran through the default WordPress Settings and then went on to update the Theme Settings. Theme options are all on one page and this took minimal time, however, some graphic work was required to create a banner for the temporary page and this slowed me down a little.
    TIP:  Don’t log out of the WordPress Console for the next steps.

Up to this point, time spent: approx. 1-Hour 10-Minutes
FYI –  If I were to do this again, I’d have my graphic files ready before starting!

  1. Add Google Analytics: Go to your Google Analytics Account and create a Tracking Account for the new domain. Copy the Tracking Code generated and then go back to the WordPress Console and paste the code into the Themes’ ‘header.php’ file, just before the closing </head> tag.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to save time here; I made use of ‘TABBED BROWSING’
i.e. opening and using several tabs to download & view more than one page at a time.

  1. Add URL to Google WebMaster Tools: Simply add the URL to WebMaster Tools as per the instructions. Google will prompt you to verify the site and give you a few options. I opted to download the verification file, which I would upload to my web-server (or domain) later. I kept the WebMaster Tools Account Tab open.
  2. Add URL to Alexa.com: In a new browser tab, I logged into my Alexa.com account and add the URL (or as Alexa calls it: ‘claimed my url’). Again, I downloaded the verification file from Alexa.com. Keep tab open!
  3. Add URL to Bing WebMaster Tools: Same process as the others; add your url and download the verification file. Again, leave the browser tab open.
  4. FTP Verification Files to Server: This is simply a case of connecting to your new domain and transferring the 3x verification files (for Google, Bing & Alexa) to the ‘root folder’ (www folder) on your Web-Server. Since the FTP programme is already configured (see step-4) it should take seconds to upload these files.
  5. Verify ownership of URL/Domain: Since the Browser Tabs are still open for Google WebMaster Tool, Bing WebMaster Tool & Alexa, it is now simply a case of tabbing to the relevant browser windows and pressing the relevant verification buttons. Once all three have been verified, log-out and close these tabs.

Steps 6-11 took me all of 15-minutes to complete!

  1. Ping the domain URL: The next step was to use an Online Ping Service to give the Search Engines a little nudge to say: YouHoo come check out my new domain/website. For this site I used, Feed-Shark. Simply go to their webpage (http://feedshark.brainbliss.com/), add your URL Details and press a button – That’s it!
  2. Add a Link from another website to the new domain URL: Go to another website and build at least one link from that website to your new domain URL. I used one of my other websites, which although it has a low PageRank, I know the GoogleBot is relatively active on that site. I only built this one link!
    Note: If you don’t have another site of your own, post your URL on Facebook, Twitter or any other Site. 
  3. Use GMail to send an e-mail with URL: I read about this, so thought I’d do it, simply as an after-thought. Basically, I composed a new e-mail using my GMail Account and inserted the URL of the domain to be indexed in both the subject line and the body of the mail. I then sent this to one of my other mail accounts.

Completion of all the above tasks Total time: approx. 1-Hour 30-min

From this point on; I went and enjoyed my dinner & watched some TV (while eating). After dinner I came to check if my site had been indexed yet and was disappointed when I couldn’t find it [Time past was just over 2.5-Hours]. To kill some more time, I messed around on one of my other websites and continuously ‘googled’ my new URL (every 10-minutes or so).

Low and behold just before the 3-hour mark – My site was displayed in the Google Search Result.
The Total time to get the new domain indexed in Google: 2-Hours, 55-min.

[Alert] This is what I did to get my new site indexed quickly. As you know; this is not an exact science but I feel confident that by copying the steps mentioned your new domain should get indexed relatively quickly too. [/Alert]

Footnote: I didn’t think to check at the time, but I checked 1st thing the next morning (approx. 12-hours later) and the URL of the new domain had been indexed by both Bing & Yahoo too!

Thanks for reading and your comments are welcome…
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