Get Paid to Login

Simple: Get Paid to Login once a day!

paid to login offers you the opportunity to MAKE MONEY and to get FREE ADVERTISING in the form of a Banner Advert linking to any website/programme you are promoting. This could be a banner to your own website or to that of any other website you wish to advertise.

All you have to do to make money is Login Daily!

Whilst the unique opportunity exists to make money daily, just by logging in, the real benefits of come from the 10-level referral system, where you will earn 10% from everyone you refer via your referral link. Furthermore, allows you to place 1x 468×60 banner within their system FREE of Charge and this banner can be used to recruit members of to join your other programmes or to promote (send traffic to) your own website.

  • Get Paid simply to login
  • Get Paid on 10x Levels
  • Get Free Advertising
  • Buy additional Advertising (optional)

The real money is made by referring active members and the 10% commission on the 10x levels. If you want to go it alone, then by all means, you can, but you only get paid $0.001 per login. which is more or less the same as you would get paid from any Paid-To-Click Site (for viewing ads).

>> JOIN NOW << – Earnings Calculator!

  1. Insert a number in the refer __ People field and press enter to see the projected earnings.
  2. Feel free to alter the __ days per month too. You will be astonished at what is possible!

[note color=”#fed3cc”]

How much can you earn if you refer people and your referrals do the same and each one logins days per month ?
You earn $ monthly.


* NOTE: In order to earn the projected income indicated, your referrals need to be active!
i.e. They must be logging in every day & they must recruit other members that are active too…

>> JOIN NOW <<

paid to login

Disclaimer: OK, people, at this stage, I must advise you that I myself have only just joined Whilst I have been in direct contact with the owner and he has responded to my inquiries quickly and positively, only time will tell as to whether this is viable in the long term. I believe it is, otherwise I wouldn’t be promoting it, but there is no guarantee! At the end of the day, you have nothing to loose but a mere few seconds of your day and everything to gain if you can get your referral numbers up with ‘active members’…

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