Website Redesign Coming

Website Redesign / Revamp is coming!

A long awaited Website Revamp is being planned for!

Before I tell you what is planned for the website redesign, let me share a little history about this Website, with you.

When I initially launched it was designed as a small Static HTML site with the main purpose of making me some money via Google Adsense. The original HTML Website then became a ‘project site’; one I used to teach myself the intricacies of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Whilst doing the SEO, I heard about WordPress and it’s SEO benefits, so I opted to redesign the website using WordPress. I knew nothing about WordPress, but ‘took the leap‘ and ended up in a heap of trouble. I opted for the first FREE WordPress Theme I could find, that wasn’t in the WordPress Repository (i.e. a theme that wasn’t used by too many people). Using this Theme (WP Premium), I redesigned the website creating pages of content based on the few topics I knew and the skills I’d learned along the way!

I knew no different, so I revamped this website in a completely live environment, adding pages and content all of which were immediately viewable by website visitors as they were being created. The knowledge I’d gained in SEO was applied and it wasn’t long and my website traffic started increasing. The traffic increased and the site wasn’t ready!

What happened next took me by surprise! My incomplete website ranked on Page-1 of Google for terms related to making money online. Whilst I was targeting these keywords, by no means did I expect to rank so quickly. What was more remarkable, was the number of people that contacted me about Web Hosting and Web-Design. Due to this, my Web Hosting Reseller business (Futurity Web Services) took off prematurely and my time to focus on diminished. Subsequently, I have also become a Stay-At-Home-Dad and with the combined responsibility of looking after my daughter (who is now 6-months old) and running my web-hosting business, I haven’t had the time to  focus on, let alone finish the site.

It’s all about to change with the upcoming website redesign

I’m sure you all agree, the current website doesn’t look good, links are broken and the content is incomplete. Well, with the upcoming website revamp, I’m looking to fix all that. I still don’t know where I’m going to find the time, but I have decided it has to be done. So, whilst it may take time to complete – The website revamp is going to happen!

Since I knew nothing about WordPress when I built this site, as you see it today, I am probably going to start afresh. Some of the content will stay, all while being updated and incomplete content will be completed. I have plans to include a members only area and to share all the new methods I use to ‘make money online’, as well as other methods that may appeal to you. Furthermore, I intend doing some product reviews, which due to my lack of experience at the time, I avoided. Whilst I have always wanted to do product reviews, I was not prepared to write reviews based on other reviews I had read. For me, the only way to do a review is to buy the product myself, use it, then review it!

So; with all that said and done, the only thing left to decide upon before the website revamp is which theme to use. Since I am going to stick to my original goal of earning via Google AdSense (or other similar Ad Networks) the choice of which theme to use for the website redesign is: Joel Comm & Dan Nickerson’s Socrates Theme.

An alternative to Socrates Theme, in my opinion is CTR Theme, but I’ve opted for Socrates Theme since I already own a Developers License for this theme. I mentioned both these themes here because both of them are highly optimised for Google AdSense and affiliate marketing websites. This means they are both suitable for those of you who want to follow in my footsteps and build (or rebuild) a Google Adsense or Affiliate Income generating website.

With that being said; expect to see changes occurring on (I can’t say when, but it is going to happen!)

Disclaimer: Some links in this post are affiliate links and I may earn a commission should you purchase any items!


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