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Rod Moore's Simple $100 a Day SystemMy ‘Simple $100 Dollar a Day System‘ Product Review…

I have to-date, not been one to write product reviews on this blog since in most instances with most other ‘Make Money Online Niche Blogs’, the reviews are written with one purpose in mind; and that is to make the reviewer money.

So, in keeping with my total transparency philosophy, I will tell you upfront, that this is a truthful review of Rod Moore’s ‘Simple $100 Dollar a Day System‘ based on the fact that I bought this product myself for my personal use. What I am about to share with you are indeed the facts, and YES, I too hope to earn more money from both this review and from using the ‘Simple $100 Dollar a Day System‘.

Product Overview:

The ‘Simple $100 Dollar a Day System‘ is, on the front-end an e-Book Info Product sharing Rod Moore’s system on how to setup a Squeeze Page to build you own e-mail list, all whilst promoting an affiliate product. Many ‘newbie’ marketers try their hand at Affiliate Marketing when they start online, but most (if not all) market the affiliate product directly without funneling their leads into their own list first. By doing this, you may get the odd sale and some commission, but that buyer has been lost to the product vendor. They are NOT in YOUR list (This is probably your single biggest mistake).

With Rod Moore’s System, you will learn how to setup your system, in such a way, that you build your own e-mail list while promoting affiliate products. As you have probably heard… The Money is in the List (how cliche, but true).

The Nut’s & Bolts:

The ‘Simple $100 Dollar a Day System‘ as mentioned is an e-book on the front-end. I say on the front-end because once you have bought the e-Book (which currently sells for $17), you are offered several OTO’s (One Time Offers) and the usual up-sells and down-sells, these product vendors love. This comprises:

  1. The ‘Simple $100 Dollar a Day System‘ e-Book @ $17
  2. OTO-1 Video Course Upgrade + Bonus Material @ $27
  3. OTO-2 Six Figure Profits Upgrade (Advanced Video Course) @ $47
  4. OTO-3 Rod Moore’s Inner Circle Membership @ $27 (p/month) – with downgrade option (profit report)
  5. There is also a $1 Trial Down-Sell to test the System (OTO-1)

Rod Moore's Simple $100 a Day System teaches the basics required to Earn $100+

Now that you know what is available, and how the behind the scene’s marketing funnel works…
here is my recommendation and what you should do, if interested…

    The e-mail signup is to one of my lists sharing more information about this course…
  2. Buy the e-Book front-end product ($17). While this e-Book does a good job of explaining the steps, required to build Rod’s $100 System, most newbies won’t be able to implement what it teaches – You will need more (see point-3 below). More experience marketers will find it an easy read and may even be amazed at how simple it is to setup this system.
  3. Buy the OTO-1 Upgrade ($27). The Video Course goes into more detail than the book and really helps you get a better understanding of how to work this system. However, it’s the BONUS material offered with this upgrade that you want/need. The Bonus Material here provides you with all the tools necessary to setup your $100 a Day System.

That’s it: Buy the e-Book and Buy the first OTO (Video Training Upgrade + Bonus Material).
Total Cost $44 (approx. R450, at the time of publication of this post.)

$44 is nothing to pay for a system that can generate $100 a day and more…

As for the rest, even though they are promoted as One-Time-Offers, all are available as upgrades from within the Membership Area, once you have access to the system. When you are making some money using the ‘Simple $100 Dollar a Day System‘, then buy into the next offers (advanced training, inner-circle etc…).

What the training covers:

  • The Fastest Way To Drive Traffic
  • Creating Squeeze Pages That Convert At 82.9% Plus
  • Building A Large Responsive eMail List Like The Pros
  • Monetizing The List For Maximum Profits & Daily Cash Deposits
  • Finding And Promoting Affiliate Offers With Best Chance Of Making You Money
  • Scaling Up To Advanced Online Marketing
  • Step By Step Easy To Follow System
  • Access To 100% Commissions
  • Plus Much More …


With the purchase of both the e-book and the first OTO Upgrade, you can essentially setup your own passive income business. It will take time and practice, but it’s very possible that you will succeed. To top it off, you will have also built a decent mailing list along the way, which you can use time and time again to promote other products for extra income.


The e-Book on it’s own isn’t ideal for Newbies. Those that are more technically minded could get by with just the e-Book, but most newbies will need the Video Training Upgrade + Bonus Tools. Another fact that might come into play, is that the training leads you to buy traffic to build your list. Whilst this is good advice, most newbies can’t afford traffic and they are kind of left out in the dark when it comes to getting quality Traffic from Free Sources *. This is NOT a deal breaker as there are hundreds of tutorials out there dealing with FREE Traffic (it will simply take longer to build your list).


The Automated Passive Income System taught in this training isn’t all that ‘passive’ to begin with. It will take time and effort to build your list using the methods taught, but this is one of the most concise and to-the-point training programmes I have bought and used. I highly recommended the ‘Simple $100 Dollar a Day System‘.

Note: Whilst this is an honest review of Rod Moore’s ‘Simple $100 Dollar a Day System‘, a system I am currently using & testing, please be aware that this post contains my affiliate links and should you purchase via my link, I will receive a commission.

* Traffic from FREE Sources: If you need help getting FREE Traffic to your website/blog, then feel free to comment below and I may write an article on this at a later date. As mentioned, there are numerous tutorials & courses out there teaching about website traffic. If you’ve got $4.95 to spare, get John Thornhill’s Simple Traffic Solutions


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