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How I got my new domain indexed in 3-hours

I took this domain from nothing to indexed in 3-hoursYes, I am fully aware that there are hundreds, if not thousands of articles and blogs telling one how to get a new domain indexed fast. In most cases the actual procedures given would take the better part of 24-hours itself, since most require that you have a fully functional website uploaded too. So, since I was in the process of setting up a new domain for a new project of my own, I decided it would be a challenge to see how quickly I could get the domain indexed by Google without building an entire website first.

Basically, I purchased a new domain name, installed WordPress & a basic one-page WP-Theme. Then, I added some relevant content to the Theme (Single Home Page) and then submitted the theme as discussed below. All in all, the ENTIRE process took 3-Hours, not just the indexing!

This is the basis of what I am about to tell you:

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  • Go from registering a new domain
  • Installing WordPress with Theme Optimised
  • Ready and Indexed in Google
  • All in Under 3-Hours

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A few assumptions before the domain indexing process begins:

For this project I already had the following tools available and I would assume you already use these too. If you are a complete ‘newbie’ and don’t have these tools (particularly the FREE Google, Bing & Alexa tools), then sign-up with haste! I have included links to all the tools where I deemed necessary (FYI – some are affiliate links, whilst others are not).

New domain indexing – Tools required:

  1. Domain Registrar Account ( or
  2. Web-Hosting Account (
  3. Google Analytics Account
  4. Google WebMaster Tools Account
  5. An Account
  6. Bing WebMaster Tools Account
  7. FTP Programme to transfer files (eg. FileZilla)

[Note] This Article is NOT here to show you how to Register a Domain or How to Setup a Web-Hosting Account. It is also not a tutorial on How to use the Google Tools or any of the other tools mentioned. This is purely an Article informing you; how I got my new domain indexed in Google in Under 3-Hours. It’s a simple and quick process you can copy! [/Note]

Steps used to get a new domain indexed in >3-Hours

  1. Register your new domain: Since I already have both a and an account, I opted to buy my domain from Reason being: eNom is owned by Google
    Note: My default NameServers are pre-configured within my Account
  2. Set-up a Web-Hosting Account: The moment I’d finalised the purchase of the domain, I went into my Reseller Account and created the Web-Hosting Account for the new domain.
    Note: In hindsight, maybe I should have done this first (not sure if it would have made any impact)
  3. Installing WordPress: Once the Web-Hosting Account was set-up, I logged into cPanel and Installed WordPress using the Fantastico Application. Whilst logged into cPanel, I also setup a domain specific e-mail address (eg.
  4. Setup your FTP Application: While still logged into cPanel, setup additional FTP Accounts if necessary and disable anonymous FTP Settings if you wish. From here; open your FTP Programme and set-up the FTP credentials for your new domain (you’ll need this later).

Up to this point, time spent: approx. 15-Minutes

  1. Configure WordPress & Theme: At this point, I logged into the WordPress Dashboard and uploaded the temporary theme I use for most of my new websites: this is the “Coming Soon Theme” (FREE Theme) from After this, I quickly ran through the default WordPress Settings and then went on to update the Theme Settings. Theme options are all on one page and this took minimal time, however, some graphic work was required to create a banner for the temporary page and this slowed me down a little.
    TIP:  Don’t log out of the WordPress Console for the next steps.

Up to this point, time spent: approx. 1-Hour 10-Minutes
FYI –  If I were to do this again, I’d have my graphic files ready before starting!

  1. Add Google Analytics: Go to your Google Analytics Account and create a Tracking Account for the new domain. Copy the Tracking Code generated and then go back to the WordPress Console and paste the code into the Themes’ ‘header.php’ file, just before the closing </head> tag.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to save time here; I made use of ‘TABBED BROWSING’
i.e. opening and using several tabs to download & view more than one page at a time.

  1. Add URL to Google WebMaster Tools: Simply add the URL to WebMaster Tools as per the instructions. Google will prompt you to verify the site and give you a few options. I opted to download the verification file, which I would upload to my web-server (or domain) later. I kept the WebMaster Tools Account Tab open.
  2. Add URL to In a new browser tab, I logged into my account and add the URL (or as Alexa calls it: ‘claimed my url’). Again, I downloaded the verification file from Keep tab open!
  3. Add URL to Bing WebMaster Tools: Same process as the others; add your url and download the verification file. Again, leave the browser tab open.
  4. FTP Verification Files to Server: This is simply a case of connecting to your new domain and transferring the 3x verification files (for Google, Bing & Alexa) to the ‘root folder’ (www folder) on your Web-Server. Since the FTP programme is already configured (see step-4) it should take seconds to upload these files.
  5. Verify ownership of URL/Domain: Since the Browser Tabs are still open for Google WebMaster Tool, Bing WebMaster Tool & Alexa, it is now simply a case of tabbing to the relevant browser windows and pressing the relevant verification buttons. Once all three have been verified, log-out and close these tabs.

Steps 6-11 took me all of 15-minutes to complete!

  1. Ping the domain URL: The next step was to use an Online Ping Service to give the Search Engines a little nudge to say: YouHoo come check out my new domain/website. For this site I used, Feed-Shark. Simply go to their webpage (, add your URL Details and press a button – That’s it!
  2. Add a Link from another website to the new domain URL: Go to another website and build at least one link from that website to your new domain URL. I used one of my other websites, which although it has a low PageRank, I know the GoogleBot is relatively active on that site. I only built this one link!
    Note: If you don’t have another site of your own, post your URL on Facebook, Twitter or any other Site. 
  3. Use GMail to send an e-mail with URL: I read about this, so thought I’d do it, simply as an after-thought. Basically, I composed a new e-mail using my GMail Account and inserted the URL of the domain to be indexed in both the subject line and the body of the mail. I then sent this to one of my other mail accounts.

Completion of all the above tasks Total time: approx. 1-Hour 30-min

From this point on; I went and enjoyed my dinner & watched some TV (while eating). After dinner I came to check if my site had been indexed yet and was disappointed when I couldn’t find it [Time past was just over 2.5-Hours]. To kill some more time, I messed around on one of my other websites and continuously ‘googled’ my new URL (every 10-minutes or so).

Low and behold just before the 3-hour mark – My site was displayed in the Google Search Result.
The Total time to get the new domain indexed in Google: 2-Hours, 55-min.

[Alert] This is what I did to get my new site indexed quickly. As you know; this is not an exact science but I feel confident that by copying the steps mentioned your new domain should get indexed relatively quickly too. [/Alert]

Footnote: I didn’t think to check at the time, but I checked 1st thing the next morning (approx. 12-hours later) and the URL of the new domain had been indexed by both Bing & Yahoo too!

Thanks for reading and your comments are welcome…
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