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The EarnMore.co.za Blog section will kick into action once all the other pages have been added to the Website. My first priority is to finish the ‘How to Start a Blog Checklist‘, which is taking longer than expected. The fact that my girlfriend is still on leave and expecting attention is adding to these time delays, for which I apologies. Nonetheless, it is all systems go as of the 19th January and as such, I trust the checklist will be completed by the end of the Month (at latest).

For those of you looking for a quick way to get started online without a Website/Blog and with minimal frustration; please check out: JSS-Tripler


To make money with JSS-Tripler all you need is:

  1. Half an Hour a Day
  2. An AlertPay Account (Payment Gateway
  3. Credit/Debit Card Account (VISA / MasterCard)
    Bank Account to be verified by AlertPay

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